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This page is to Red Beard as is the menu to Chez Paris Restaurant.  It is a list of our staple products and services but this does not mean we can’t cook something up that isn’t on the menu.  If you don’t see it, ask!  Bon appetit!
Contractor and Consulting Services 
We have the contacts to accomplish what needs to get done.  We use a host of various trade professionals to complete your job on time on budget and with quality.  We can start your construction from scratch, come in part way or pop in and out as you require.  If all you need is a little guidance we may also be able to provide coaching and direction in your project.
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) 
We love ICF!  ICF blocks are used to form and construct concrete walls. This product resembles big, hollow, foam Lego blocks. They can be stacked and positioned in many intricate shapes.  Once in position and reinforced they are filled with concrete.  The end result is a superior concrete wall that is insulated on both sides and is ready to be dry walled on the inside.  Commonly you will see them used for foundation work; however, you may choose to have your entire structure or just a small portion incorporate the use of this material.
Aside ICF work we also do flat work and will arrange for piles if the project requires.  The most common requests are for sidewalks, driveways, garage pads and shop pads.  We are able to remove old sections or add on to existing castings.
In-floor Heat (Hydronics)
If you are planning to build a heated structure that is going to have a concrete floor may we recommend the use of in floor radiant heat?  This system is simple and consists of tubing submersed and running in loops in the concrete floor, a boiler, and a pump.  The boiler heats the water in the system.  The pump circulates the heated water through the loops in the floor.  The loops in the floor transfer the heat to the concrete and the concrete radiates the heat up into the room.  Warm feet in the basement and no chill on your back under the car in the shop!
Well Water
The driller made a hole in your yard now what?  We get the water from the well and into your house. Once there is water to your house we can help find the correct treatment for your particular water type.  This may include softeners, filters, or other treatment methods.  Now that your system is in service call us for your maintenance needs such as component inspection, repair, replacement, cleaning, and servicing including chlorine well shock treatment. 
Septic & Sewer
Your home, your business, your cottage.  Were ever you are you make waste and once you do it needs to go somewhere. We will help determine the best solution for your situation based on the guidelines and laws set forth by Manitoba Conservation. We design and install new systems. If your system is in service call us for your maintenance needs such as component inspection, repair, replacement, and servicing.
We now also offer inspections for real estate transactions!
Landscape, Yard maintenance and Snow removal
Red Beard says it’s important to stop and smell the flowers.  If you have a landscape project or just need some yard maintenance we can help.  We work with a variety of equipment and have vast abilities to apply to your outdoor paradise.  Once again there are to many services to list but here are a few:
  • Fish ponds and water features
  • Sod installation
  • Waste removal
  • Post holes and post install
  • Tilling
  • Grass cutting
  • Snow Removal
  • Mini Loader Backhoe
  • Compact Track Loader (Bobcat on tracks)
  • Skid steer (Bobcat on wheels)
  • Dump truck
Facts & Links
  • Member in good standing OWSIM Inc. (Onsite Wastewater System s Installers of Manitoba Inc.)   
  • Certified to accomplish inspections of  Onsite Wastewater Systems (Septic systems) for the purpose of real estate transactions.
  • Certified Wastewater treatment system installer & registered with MB Conservation.  
  • Trained by ARXX ICF in the use of ICF building forms.
  • Fully insured
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